GP-712 Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Functional Silicone Fluid

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GP-712 is an cycloaliphatic epoxy functional dimethylpolysiloxane copolymer fluid where x=192 and y=3.5.

Typical Properties
Clear to Slightly Hazy, Colorless to Light Straw Liquid
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
8.2 lbs
Flash Point (P.M.C.C.)
Viscosity (cPs) @ 25°C
1000 cP
Specific Gravity
Molecular Weight (Calculated)
13500 amu
Epoxy Equivalent Weight *
4575 gms
Refractive Index
* gms per epoxy equivalent


GP-712 can be cured with standard epoxy curing agents, or with cationic UV photo initiators in radiation cure applications. Cured surface coatings are used as release backings for pressure sensitive labels and tape.

Processing and Safety Guidelines

GP-712 contains a low level of epoxy groups. Care should be exercised in handling GP-712 to prevent contact with skin or eyes. Wear safety glasses with side shields and rubber gloves when handling. Consult Safety Data Sheet for additional details.


GP-712 is supplied in 5-gallon (40 lbs.) pails, 55-gallon (440 lbs.) drums and 330-gallon (2640 lbs.) totes. Moisture Sensitive. Keep container tightly sealed. Store below 100° F.