GP-61 Amine Functional Silicone Wax

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GP-61 is a 100% active amine functional silicone wax. This novel silicone wax copolymer is readily soluble, after melting in mineral spirits, to provide a solvent-based release agent. GP-61 is recommended for evaluation as a lubricant, water repellent, antiblocking agent and internal processing aid for thermoplastics. The amine functionality provides temporary rust protection and good bonding to mold substrates. Since GP-61 contains no dimethyl silicone, it will not cause orange peel, fish eyes or similar effects associated with conventional silicones. GP-61 may be easily removed by steam cleaning or solvent wash. GP-58 has the following special features:

  • Acts as a Rust Protective Coating
  • Unique Silicone Copolymer Provides Excellent Metal on Metal Lubrication
  • Acts as an Antiblocking Coating when Applied to Uncured Rubber Products
  • Acts as a Rubber and Plastic Mold Release Agent Lubricant
Typical Properties
White Solid
Wt. % Active
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
7.1 lbs
Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents
Specific Gravity
Melting Point
102°F - 103°F
Molecular Weight (Calculated)
13100 amu
Amine Number *
* milliliters of 0.1N HCl needed to neutralize 10 gms of product


Rubber Industry: Release Agent
Green Rubber Detackifier
Band Ply Lubricant Lubricity Additive
Mandrel Lubricant
Plastics Industry: Release agent
Internal Lubricant and Mold Release Agent for Rubber Latex
(Molding and Dipping)
Paper Industry: Antiblocking
Paperboard Ice Release
Carbon Paper: Antiblocking
Typewriter Ribbon: Antiblocking-Aqueous Coatings
Textile Industry: Release Agent
Water Repellent
Thread Lubricant
Fiber Lubricant
Printing Inks: Release Agent-Aqueous Systems
Water Repellent
Candle Industry: Internal Release Agent
Glass Bottle Molding: Improve Surface Lubricity, Reduce Scratching During Filling
Aluminum Production Grinding: Lubricate Sliding Surfaces During Extruding, Deep Drawing and Cutting or Grinding
Machine Shop: Lubricate Cutting Tools, Taps, Drills, etc.
Impart Rust Protection by Formation of Wax-like Film

Processing and Safety Guidelines

GP-61 may be converted to a solvent based product by first melting the wax, and with stirring, adding to a solution of mineral spirits. A stable 10% active product can be made this way. Note - use caution with flammable or combustible materials. GP-58 may also be blended with other Genesee Polymers' silicone fluids for use as internal processing aids in the rubber manufacturing industry. For safety requirements, refer to Safety Data Sheet.


GP-61 is supplied in 5-gallon (35 lbs.) pails and 55-gallon (390 lbs.) drums. No special storage is required.