GP-179 Ethoxy Functional Silicone Resin

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GP-179 is a 100% active ethoxy-functional methyl silicone resin, which is suggested for evaluation, as a reactive intermediate, in the synthesis of silicone-organic copolymers for protective coatings. GP-179 will slowly undergo hydrolysis and condensation to a cured resin film when exposed to atmospheric moisture, providing a water repellent protective coating for substrates such as wood and masonry. When required, GP-179 may be diluted with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, or with dry alcohols, esters or other solvents. Some of the special features of GP-179 are listed below:

  • High Ethoxy Content
  • Stable (In Closed Containers)
  • Moisture Curable
Typical Properties
Opaque, Straw Color Liquid
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
9.0 lbs
Viscosity (cPs) @ 25°C
300 cP
Flash Point (P.M.C.C.)
191°F (26°C)
Specific Gravity
Silicone Resin Content
Wt. % Ethoxy
Ethoxy Equivalent Weight


GP-179 can be used as a water repellent coating for masonry and wood. It may also be used as a component in the following products:

  • Silicone Polyester Copolymers
  • Mold Release Agents
  • Filler Treatments (Hydrophobic Surface)

Processing and Safety Guidelines

GP-179 is combustible (ethyl alcohol is released on contact with atmospheric moisture) and must be handled with all precautions common to handling combustible materials. Use only in well ventilated areas designated for combustible materials handling, and avoid any prolonged exposure to solvent vapors. Make sure no sources of ignition are present. Consult Safety Data Sheet for additional details.


GP-179 is available in 5-gallon (45 lbs.) pails, 55-gallon (490 lbs.) drums and 330-gallon (2900 lbs.) totes. Do not store the product near fire or open flames. Do not use torches or any open flames on drums, even when empty, because of a possible explosion hazard. Product is moisture sensitive.