GP-367 Mercapto Functional Silicone Fluid

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GP-367 is a dimethyl silicone copolymer fluid, containing mercaptopropyl side chains in addition to the conventional methyl group substituents. The structure of GP-367 is as follows where x = 36 and y = 6:

GP-367 Mercapto Functional Silicone Fluid

The following list summarizes some of the special features of GP-367:

  • Reactive Mercapto Functionality
  • High Affinity for Metal Surfaces
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Properties
  • Better Release Agent than Conventional Silicone Fluids in many Applications
  • Greater High Temperature and Oxidative Stability than Conventional Silicones

Reactions of Mercapto Silicone:

The most useful reaction of the mercapto functionality of GP-506 involves addition to double bond compounds:

GP-367 Mercapto Functional Silicone Fluid

This reaction has been applied to the addition of a wide variety of olefins, including styrene, 1-alkenes, acrylic and methacrylic acids, along with unsaturated compounds. Catalysts include basic materials and peroxides. Mercapto groups also have shown reactivity with isocyanates, epoxies and sulfur cure or peroxide cure rubber elastomers.

Typical Properties
Water-White, Light Straw Liquid
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
8.0 lbs
Viscosity (cPs) @ 25°C
150 cP
Flash Point (P.M.C.C.)
Specific Gravity
Molecular Weight (Calculated)
3600 amu
Wt. % Active
Solvent Content
Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents
Wt. % SH
Refractive Index


  • Plastic and Rubber Release Agent
  • Internal Lubricant and Release Agent for Sulfur and Peroxide Cure Rubber
  • Co-reactant in Vinyl Polymerizations
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Coatings
  • Synthesis of Organic/Silicone Copolymers
  • Ingredient in UV and EB Cure Inks and Coatings
  • Heat Stabilizer Additive for use in Dimethyl Silicone Fluids

Processing and Safety Guidelines

GP-367 may be easily mixed with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. The fluid is also fully compatible with Dimethyl Silicone Fluids. GP-367 should be handled with all of the precautions required in handling any industrial chemical product. Consult Safety Data Sheet for additional details.


GP-367 is supplied in 5-gallon (40 lbs.) pails, 55-gallon (440 lbs.) drums and 330-gallon (2640 lbs.) totes. No special storage requirements are necessary.