GP-846 Amine / Alkoxy Functional Silicone Fluid

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GP-846 is an Amine Functional Silicone Fluid that contains both amine alkyl and hydrolyzable alkoxy groups. The combination of amine and alkoxy groups suggests primary applications in mold-release agents and detergent resistant polishes. GP-846 is 100% active and can also be used in water repellent formulations or in organic-silicone copolymer synthesis.

Typical Properties
Clear to Slightly Hazy, Straw to Colorless Liquid
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
8.0 lbs
Viscosity (cPs) @ 25°C
30 cP
Flash Point (P.M.C.C.)
Specific Gravity
Wt. % Silicone
Amine Number *
Refractive Index
* milliliters of 0.1N HCl needed to neutralize 10 gms of product


  • Car Polishes
  • Vinyl Conditioners
  • Water Repellents
  • Rust Inhibitor Additive
  • Leather Treatment
  • Textile Lubricants
  • Organic/Silicone Copolymer Synthesis

Processing and Safety Guidelines

GP-846 may be blended with solvents, waxes or high viscosity silicone fluids for car polish or vinyl conditioners. GP-846 can also be formulated into emulsions. The physiological and toxicological properties of GP-846 are similar to those of other amine functional silicone fluids currently on the market. Precautions should be the same as required for handling long chain organic alkyl amines. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. For additional safety precautions, refer to the Safety Data Sheet.


GP-846 is supplied in 5-gallon (40 lbs.) pails, 55-gallon (440 lbs.) drums and 330-gallon (2640 lbs.) totes. GP-846 is Moisture Sensitive, keep containers tightly sealed when not in use.