GP-733 Trimethylethoxysilane

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Typical Properties
Clear, Colorless Liquid
Molecular Weight (Calculated)
118.25 amu
Boiling Point
168 °F
Flash Point (P.M.C.C.)
Specific Gravity
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
6.3 lbs


GP-733 is an intermediate useful for blocking hydroxyl or amino groups to perform reactions on multi-functional organic compounds or polymers. It is also useful for deactivating glass surfaces used in gas chromatographic applications.

Processing and Safety Guidelines

GP-733 should be handled with care. Although GP-733 is not highly toxic, it has a low flash point of 23°F (making it flammable) and a high vapor pressure at room temperature. For additional safety precautions, refer to Safety Data Sheet.


GP-733 is supplied in 5-gallon (32 lbs.) pails and 55-gallon (350 lbs.) drums. GP-733 is flammable. Keep away from open flames or welding torches, even when drum is empty. Moisture Sensitive. Keep containers tightly sealed.