GP-RA-156 Rubber, Plastic and Metal Foundry Release Agent

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GP-RA-156 is a 100% active silicone release agent, designed to provide efficient release of urethane and epoxy molded parts, as well as many elastomeric products. Because GP-RA-156 is a silicone product, it possesses excellent heat stability and will not break down at molding temperatures or form carbonaceous buildup on the mold. Some of the special features of GP-RA-156 are listed below:

  • Gives Multiple Releases
  • Cures Rapidly
  • Cleans Mold
  • Moisture Curable
Typical Properties
Clear, Colorless to Light Straw Liquid
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
8.0 lbs
Viscosity (cPs) @ 25°C
325 cP
Amine Number *
Flash Point (P.M.C.C.)
Specific Gravity
Refractive Index
* milliliters of 0.1N HCl needed to neutralize 10 gms of product


GP-RA-156 is a release agent for the following industries:

  • Rubber Molding
  • Plastic Molding
  • Urethane Molding
  • Epoxy Molding

GP-RA-156 is also recommended for use as a textile lubricant.

Processing and Safety Guidelines

For optimum efficiency, GP-RA-156 should be diluted with solvent prior to application to molds. This helps insure that over application of release agent is avoided. Dilution solvents include aliphatic and aromatic solvents (water-free). Recommended application methods include brushing, swabbing, spraying, and dipping. The silicone polymer used to formulate GP-RA-156 can, as with many release agents, cause painting and adhesion problems if over applied, or if not properly cleaned from molded parts prior to finishing operations. If preliminary tests show that finishing problems may result from the use of GP-RA-156, wash parts with solvent or detergent and rinse with clean water before painting or adhesive bonding. For safety information, refer to Safety Data Sheet.


GP-RA-156 is supplied in 5-gallon (40 lbs.) pails, 55-gallon (440 lbs.) drums and 330-gallon (2640 lbs.) totes. To insure stability, containers must be kept tightly sealed when not in use. Moisture Sensitive. When product is transferred from its original container, be sure it is kept free from water.