GP-927 Plunger Lubricant

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GP-927 Plunger Lubricant is a modified petroleum-based lubricant, which is designed to provide superior protection for shot sleeves and plunger tips used in cold chamber die casting of aluminum and magnesium.  GP-927 shows a higher viscosity at elevated temperatures, than conventional oil-based plunger lubricants, which leads to improved lubrication and less smoke. 

Typical Properties
Slightly Hazy, Brown Liquid
Viscosity (cPs) @ 25°C
7500 cP
Weight/Gallon @ 25°C
7.6 lbs
Flash Point (P.M.C.C.)


GP-927 has shown superior results in a wide range of Aluminum and Magnesium die casting applications.  Improved plunger tip and shot sleeve life results from use, as well as less smoke.  Application through an internal shot sleeve lubricator is recommended with GP-927 applied to the sleeve or the plunger tip.

Processing and Safety Guidelines

GP-927 has a very low order of toxicity, but should still be handled with all precautions common to the use of any industrial chemical product.  Consult Safety Data Sheet for additional details.


GP-927 Plunger Lubricant  is supplied in 5-gallon (38 lbs.), 55-gallon (415 lbs.) and 330-gallon (2490 lbs.) totes.  Do not store above 100° F.